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Technology and quality cultivated in aircraft parts manufacturing

The smallest factory in the world among Boeing certified factories. Obtaining Nadcap accreditation and JISQ9100, we have been evaluated for the technology and quality cultivated in the manufacture of aircraft parts.

Taking on the challenge of new fields with the theme of “medical care, food, and living environment”

Aoki is taking on the challenge of new fields centered on medical care, food, and living environment by making the best use of the technology, quality, and network that we have cultivated.

The power to turn tough times into opportunities

The aviation industry is currently in crisis, but it has been in crisis many times. Each time, Aoki started new challenges from such a situation. In this COVID-19 pandemic catastrophe, we have launched a sales business and are enhancing new achievements and networks.



“I want to make parts that fly in the sky.” Starting from this word of the founder Tadao Aoki, who was also a skilled craftsman, Aoki Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1961 with only a few machines and a few employees, has launched the aircraft parts manufacturing business lead by the second President Toyohiko Aoki.
The drawing of the aircraft that we finally received after more than a year of business was written in English. There were many expressions unique to aircraft and the days of struggle for the small town factory continued. Finally, the earnest efforts of our employees have paid off, and we have been able to enter the aircraft parts processing field.

In 1997, Boeing recognized us as a certified factory, and in 2007, we acquired Nadcap accreditation, which has been obtained by only 14 domestic companies in CFRP special process technology. We have also acquired JISQ9100 and are pursuing reliable technology and quality every day.
Based on our stable quality assurance achievement, we have been actively engaged in development projects in collaboration with universities and research institutes, such as the launch of the artificial satellite “Maido-1” in 2009 and the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. In the medical field, we have realized research and development jointly with national and public universities. Currently, we are working on research and development with a medical hygiene product manufacturing and sales company, and we are making production results.
Aoki will continue to aim for manufacturing that meets the needs of the times by utilizing the mobility and network unique to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Aoki Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Osamu Aoki


  • Corporate Name

    Aoki Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    5-7-3 Takaida Naka, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka-fu 577-0065

  • Established

    June 10th, 1958

  • Business Description

    Mechanical device design and manufacturing, processing of aircraft parts and precision parts

  • Main related items

    Space-related, aircraft-related, agriculture-related, medical-related, R&D-related

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Management Philosophy

Aoki will work together to lead manufacturing,
aiming to be the strongest small and medium-sized enterprise
that is active in the community and full of joy with all the stakeholders.

Action policy

1, The ability to take action to turn change into opportunity
2, Execution ability that can turn opportunities into results
3, Courage and communication ability to change oneself

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