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Creating with the people we engage

We have four business areas: Welding, Stamping and Sheet Metal, Assembly, and Import and Sales. The one-stop service that these business areas continue to provide is the reason why our customers have been delighted and continue to choose us for a number of years.

In-house Integrated System

Mikuriya Head Office: Includes welding and sheet metal department, assembly department, and retail department for fastening parts and imported casters.

Iwatamachi Factory: Includes a press department specializing in long products for mass production and a sheet metal department capable of handling large and small lots.

Aramoto Factory: Assembles casters made overseas and packs and ships a wide variety of products after the final process is complete.

We are a manufacturing factory that can always give shape to our customers’ ideas by taking advantage of our integrated in-house system.

Attitude created by three strengths

The power nurtured by the at-home corporate culture that has remained unchanged since the company’s founding.

1. Human ability to care for each other
2. Abundant creativity
3. Employee power, the source of the company

The best thing about our company is the flexibility to respond to the drastically changing society with these strengths.

Our integrated system that creates together with the people we engage and the attitude created by these three strengths are our greatest charms.



Starting from a garage with shutters, we have always been supported by the people around us and continue to develop by responding to a wide variety of industries.

The word “industry” refers to “all activities related to the production and distribution of products and services that are carried out as part of the social division of labor….”

The intention of “Sangyo (industry)” in our company name is “to acquire the ability and knowledge to respond to the demands of those engaged in our business, and to continue to be a company that can create the work necessary to make a living, together with our colleagues, without being restricted by industry or business category.

The reason why we have been able to grow from our humble beginnings as a company that weighed screws with a balance scale and packed them in bags, to a company that now owns multiple NC machine tools used for precision sheet metal processing is because the same commitment to “industry” that has been with us since our founding is deeply rooted within our company. 

We will continue to grow together with the “products” and “people” with whom we engage and to improve our “human ability, creativity, and employee ability” based on the trust and credibility we have cultivated over the years, while sincerely responding to the changing customer satisfaction in various situations.

Matsuda Industry Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Hiromitsu Mabuchi


  • Corporate Name

    Matsuda Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    〒577-0033 1-5-19 Mikuri-Higashi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka, Japan

  • Establishment

    September 1992

  • Business Description

    Manufacture and sale of various types of casters/ Manufacture of sales display fixtures, sales promotion fixtures and parts/ Manufacturing and sales of various parts for assembled steel shelves/ Steel and stainless steel press products/ Manufacture of long products such as light-weight and medium-weight racks and L-angles/ Production of store fixtures Matsuda Industry Co., Ltd. All kinds of nuts and screws/ General store display products/ Production of custom-made products and OEM production

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Management Philosophy

We will continue to work with local communities to create harmony in a world filled with smiling faces and happy hearts, while staying close to and receiving the support of the people we engage with.

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