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Valuing the words of our customers, “Rika is the right choice.”

Since our establishment in 1969, we have focused on heat treatment and coating services, receiving the support of the local community. In 2013, we expanded our business to Thailand, and we will continue to make concerted efforts so that people around the world will say, “Rika is the right choice.”

Human Development

It is important to grow not only in knowledge and skills, but also as a person through work. We aim to create a team that can work hard together, with “kindness” to respect each other’s differences and “strictness” to achieve our goals.


We listen to our customers and respond to their diversifying needs with our “meticulous service capabilities.” We will contribute to the decarbonization of society with our “steel to aluminum” weight reduction technology, taking advantage of our ability to respond to small-lot, high-mix, and short delivery times, and our one-stop service capability to accept orders for all processes from material modification to surface treatment.



Heat Treatment

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic catastrophe, the world has taken a major step toward a decarbonized society. The technology of quenching, which increases the strength of metals, is a wonderful processing technology that has existed since ancient times and leads to thinner and lighter products. In order to further reduce the weight of metal parts for bicycles, automobiles, agricultural machinery, etc., we will shift our focus “from steel to aluminum” and work to develop technologies that will always be needed.


We are proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of screw head coatings. While striving for labor saving and cost reduction through automation and digitalization, we are also sticking to analog technology and challenging the B to C market and new product development with new technologies such as functional coating, design coating and transfer coating.

Overseas Expansion

In December 2013, we launched a new joint venture company specializing in heat treatment in Thailand, a promising country at the center of the growing ASEAN market. In the midst of the globalizing supply chain, we have increased orders for automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, and weak electric equipment by taking advantage of our quenching technology cultivated in Japan and our ability to provide services for small quantities, a wide variety of products, and short delivery times. We are currently planning to build a second plant and will work hard with our 80 colleagues in Thailand to achieve even higher levels of performance.

Rika Industries Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Isao Morishima


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    Rika Industries Co., Ltd.

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    2-6 Nishiyuge,Yao-shi, Osaka-fu 581-00352-6

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    Heat treatment processing of various metal products/Carburizing quenching and tempering/Quenching and tempering of carburizing and nitriding/Quenching and tempering of non-oxidation/Annealing/Solution aging treatment of aluminum/Shot blasting/Vacuum degreasing and cleaning/Head coating of screws and bolts/Coating of nuts, washers and other metal products/Temper color (bronze) for stainless steel products

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Management Philosophy

We will strive to earn a high reputation in society.

1. We aim to grow together by providing our customers with convenience and high quality.

1. We aim to be a team that contributes to the happiness of all of us.

1. We aim to expand the circle of safety, security, and comfort for people through our technology.


Management Policy

1,Create a comfortable workplace and develop positive human resources
2,Renewal and maintenance of production facilities and improvement of productivity
3,Research and development of light metal heat treatment, functional coating and surface treatment
4,Synergistic effects of the dual axis system in Japan and Thailand

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