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Our company has been in business for over 60 years. During that time, we have experienced many crises as a company, such as the oil shocks and the burst of the bubble economy.
Under such circumstances, we have continued our business by focusing on metal cutting from bar stock, especially small-diameter machined products and micro-processed products. According to our in-house definition, small-diameter products are those with a diameter of φ4 or less, and micro-processed products are those with a diameter of φ2 or less.
Our production capacity ranges from a few orders for prototypes to tens of thousands of pieces.
We have acquired ISO9001 certification for our quality assurance system, and we continue to make efforts to improve quality through the PDCA cycle. In this VR EXPO, we would like to show our customers from far away the whole production process of our company.



Japan’s “Monozukuri (manufacturing)” is in a critical situation. We are facing countless problems such as the hollowing out of manufacturing, population decline, and succession problems. Mass-produced products are increasingly being shipped overseas, and the amount of production in Japan is expected to decrease in the future.
In such an environment, we are committed to being a going concern, and even in an era in which people are expected to change jobs, we are striving to ensure that our employees stay with us for a long time, and that those employees who stay with us for a long time earn the trust of our customers.
Products in all industries are becoming smaller and smaller, and the parts and materials are also becoming smaller. We would like to be a company that can be of service to such end-users through ” precision machining” and “machining of small-diameter products”. We also aim to shorten the delivery time through detailed discussions and continuous improvement of delivery management.
Please feel free to ask us for the most difficult requests. We would like to grow together with our customers by solving such problems one by one with our employees in good faith.

Morioka Precision Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Kyosuke Morioka


  • Corporate Name

    Morioka Precision Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    8-41 Otashimmachi, Yao-shi, Osaka-fu 581-0039 Japan

  • Established

    April 1958

  • Business Description

    Metal cutting and processing / Sales of precision parts

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Management Philosophy

In the spirit of “SANPO YOSHI” (benefits for all three sides of employee/company, customer, and society), we are committed to promoting sustainable development (Going Concern).

Good for seller

We aim to be a company that permanently enhances the growth of the company and the satisfaction of its employees.

Good for buyer

We aim for each and every employee to be skilled in their work. We aim to be a company that is permanently sought after by our customers through our collective efforts.

Good for society

We aim to be a company that can coexist with society by satisfying the demands of society.

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