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We are not a particularly large company. We have a small number of employees and do not own many machines.

However, we are confident in our ability to respond to the demands of our customers and our mobility.

We are able to respond in a short period of time by taking the best possible methods, consulting with our customers on various processes such as material arrangements, product data development, lead time for prototyping, delivery time when mass production is reached, and packaging and delivery methods.

Recently, there have been many cases where parts and materials have not been delivered from overseas due to COVID-19.

We are also able to make constructive proposals to solve problems caused by material shortages and achieve delivery times that satisfy our customers.

We can’t handle it! We can’t meet short deadlines! Sonoda-Products Co., Ltd. will surely help you with such headaches.

Please contact us and experience our ability to respond to your needs.



I wanted to grow the company, increase the number of employees, and add new machines to handle more work.

However, as I mentioned in the “Attractiveness of the Company” section, our company’s strengths are mobility and responsiveness.

I would like to further develop these strengths.

Most importantly, we are able to create “our style” by taking advantage of our strengths, and this is made possible by the fact that our employees work closely with each other to check the status of the project and complete it as quickly as possible.

During the busy season, the situation changes at a dizzying pace, with urgent products and delivery dates being moved up.

I would like to make the workplace more comfortable for the employees who are working to cope with these changes.

We are also considering the creation of manuals so that the skills and know-how of the professionals in each process can be passed on to the next generation, as there are many technical issues involved.

My vision is that the skills of the employees who support the company today will be passed on to the next generation.

Director Yoshinori Sonoda (left) Managing Director Takahiro Sonoda (right)


  • Company Name

    Sonoda-Products Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    4-3-40, Kamishogakuji Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 547-0006 Japan

  • Establishment

    May 1988

  • Business description

    Design and production by turret punch press and laser, sheet metal processing, brake processing and welding assembly
    Prototype processing, painting, plating, and all types of metal processing
    New product development (bug prevention products under development)

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Management Philosophy

We are passionate about creating products, challenging new fields, and creating a growing company.

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