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We specialize in sheet cutting using the NC router machine. It processes various items such as printed circuit boards, multiple parts and jigs. Our customers include printed circuit board manufacturers, material suppliers, industrial machinery manufacturers, trading companies, and processing companies. Our recent inquiries have extended to research institutions and individuals.

Our Strengths

Here are the four strengths of our company, which is a small-scale company specializing in sheet cutting.

Small lot:

We can take orders from a single sheet. We are good at trial production and handling a wide variety of products.

Quick delivery:

We can ship orders the day after they are received at the earliest. We leverage our speed, which we are accustomed to through board processing.

High precision:

JIS B 0405 intermediate to fine grade. High-level router processing is our specialty.

Sheet processing:

Rich experience in various FRP, thermoplastic resin, non-ferrous thin materials, and different composite materials.
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Aiming to be a “partner in sheet cutting processing technology”

We have been operating our business for approximately 40 years with “printed circuit board processing” as our main business since the establishment of the company. In 2013, we started a new business, “sheet processing,” which is a horizontal expansion of our printed circuit board processing technology.

Although printed circuit board processing and sheet processing are the same type of “router processing,” the printed circuit board market, which is a trillion yen in size, and the sheet processing business, which focuses on niche markets, naturally have very different customers, as well as technology and quality requirements. Recently, however, these two different businesses have begun to have a positive influence on each other, leading to development, and this has been recognized as a characteristic of our company by customers. We will continue to aim to be an even more reliable “processing technology partner” in both businesses.

Clever Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Bungo Tatsumi



Management Philosophy

We continue to pursue our original technology and make good products.
We cooperate with each other, deepen our trust, and cultivate our character.
We make our company a place that enriches the minds of everyone involved.

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