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1) Based in Japan’s largest screw production area, we are a “trading company handling fastening parts” with a local manufacturing network
-We have been in business for more than 50 years in Higashi-Osaka, which boasts the highest density of factories and the largest GDP of screws in Japan.
-Long-standing relationships of trust with local factories related to screws. A connection that is difficult for others to imitate is our asset.

2) Our specialty is to be involved from the prototype stage in the planning of products that “require the cooperation of multiple factories to complete.”
-This is where the strength of a trading company comes into play. We can bring products into production that cannot be completed by individual factories.
-Our business is to meet the needs of our customers by matching the skills of each factory with the functions required of the products.



It is said that the life span of a company is 30 years, but thankfully, we have been in business for over 50 years.
As mentioned above, we believe that our strength in our core business is our “location and connecting skills”, but I wonder if that is all we have.
For a company that is rooted in the local community, the reason for its existence in society is whether or not everyone involved in the company feels that they are lucky to have us.
Goal 8 of the SDGs, which we hear about recently in the city, is “Decent Work and Economic Growth.” We will continue to devote ourselves to our business with the idea of being a company that “lights up a corner of the city” where the people involved in Shinei can have both job satisfaction and economic growth.

  • Higashi Osaka City CSR Commendation: Achieved a balance between good business conditions and various forms of employment
  • Osaka Prefecture Commendation for Employment of Persons with Disabilities: Uniqueness of the system to support employment maintenance (work rules for each person, two full days off per week, paid holidays, no overtime work)
  • Commendation for quality improvement from business partners: Commendation for both quality improvement of contracted products and contribution to regional employment support
Shinei Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Masayuki Kanemori



Management Philosophy

The power to connect, the skill to connect – With The Partner
Through our work, we will build a relationship of harmonious coexistence and development not only with our customers and suppliers, but also with our employees and the people around us, including the local community.

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