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Die casting is a casting technology in which an alloy melted at high temperature gets formed instantly by pouring into a precision mold at high speed and high pressure.

We specialize in zinc die casting, and are highly capable of manufacturing large quantities of products with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy. Furthermore, a high level of wall thinning facilitates molding after casting. Reduction of the machining process as much as possible will also save time.

Another reason why zinc die castings are widely used is that the life of the die is so long that hundreds of thousands of pieces can be manufactured with one die due to the nature of zinc having a low melting point and less burden on the die.

As a company with a large number of employees from over the world, we have a policy that focuses on enhancing communication among employees, by encouraging reporting, communication, and consultation through daily morning and end-of-day meetings and weekend meetings. We focus on setting goals for each department and making the necessary improvements to achieve those goals. In addition to daily maintenance of machines and molds, we make it a habit to keep the workplace tidy and orderly, and each of us develops the humanity to speak and act on our own initiative.



With the motto of “Making good products while making good people,” we are striving to make everyone involved happy through zinc die casting products.

Main Machines and Equipment

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine 8 units <100t 1 unit, 50t 2 units, 40t 1 unit, 25t 3 units, 5t 1 unit>
◎ Lathe 1 unit ◎ Polishing Machine 2 units ◎ Multi Spindle Drilling Machine Tapper 3 units ◎ Barrel Finishing Machine 2 units ◎ Hydraulic Press 2 units ◎ Bible Shot Machine 1 unit

Hata Die Casting Inc.
Representative Director Hiroki Hata



Management Philosophy

We aim to realize the dreams of everyone involved by getting to know companies and people around the world and by creating good people and good products.

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