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Celebrating 65 years in business, we are reforming the way we supply steel products.

  • -Speed Commitment
    “Order to delivery in 72 hours.”
  • -A new delivery method (plastic model delivery)
    “We take care of all the pre-processing required, from procurement of steel materials to cutting and processing, based on drawings and actual products, and deliver them in a state that facilitates post-processing.”
  • -Proactive IT investment and hiring of young personnel
    By systematizing the process of drawing, ordering, shipping, and issuing slips, we have been able to eliminate mistakes and wasted time, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costs. In order to cope with this, we have actively recruited both women and men in their 20s.
  • -Introducing new machines to get new work
    ”FABRI GEAR” 3D laser cutting machine for long pipes and structural steel



We have been selling steel products in Nishinari-ku, Osaka City for over 65 years, which is more than half a century.

In the meantime, we have been doing what we do because we believe that it is our mission to carefully listen to our customers’ requests and deliver steel products in a way that meets their needs as much as possible.

The coast of Osaka Bay used to be a center of heavy industry, but due to changes in the industrial structure, the advantages of this location are not being fully utilized.

We are once again thinking about how manufacturing should be with our customers and how we can contribute.

In the past, the supply of steel materials was convenient for the supplier, and there were many points where the needs of the user differed from those of the supplier.

We will propose a supply system that is tailored to each customer as much as possible.

Low price, but time consuming in subsequent processes. Excessive quality, such as not requiring this much quality. Delivery should be made in installments according to the process. We often hear such comments.

By eliminating such mismatches and lowering total costs, we would like to re-energize manufacturing in Osaka with price competitiveness and quality control as our weapons, and this is the big dream of a small company of steel materials.

Bainan Steel Co., Ltd.
Senior Managing Director Tomofumi Donoue


  • Corporate Name

    Bainan Steel Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    5-12-16 Minamitsumori Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 557-0063

  • Established

    April 1956

  • Business Description

    General processing and sales of steel materials

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Management Philosophy


1. We will contribute to the development of society through the genuine value of manufacturing.


1. We pursue customer satisfaction through the generation of inspiring value.


1. We will grow with passion and sincerity to realize our dreams.

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