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  1. We create and propose signage plans that incorporate the project’s location, traffic volume, people flow and facility concept, and carry out implementation design. We create proposal-based plans that aim to achieve optimal facility operation and customer attraction through signage planning.
  2. We have a one-stop system, including the implementation design, sign production at our factory, and in-house construction, to provide the best signage at a reasonable price. Our customers are assured that they can rely on us even after the operation is completed.
  3. We are committed to designing and producing in-house, always incorporating the latest technology, methods, and equipment, and have expertise at the cutting edge of the industry.
  4. Strong employees who always pay attention to the latest trends and work to improve their skills.
  5. We possess a network of companies that have a wealth of processing technologies associated with sign production. Being located in Osaka, where there is a concentration of processing factories, we also have the advantage of quick delivery.
  6. We have the design capability to respond to all types of industries, business categories, and concepts through our network of external brainpower.
  7. We have a nationwide construction network that can handle construction work throughout Japan.



For the past five years, we have been working to reinforce our strengths by developing the next generation and building a system that can sustain our growth. In an effort to become a company that can develop and be trusted even further, we hired six young employees within the last five years, and half of the total employees are now young. We have been able to rejuvenate the company with a good balance of veterans and young employees.

In this circumstance, our industry is also facing a major structural change. It has been progressing quietly for the past few years, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, it seems to be accelerating at a rapid pace. Specifically, changes in people’s consumption behavior have triggered an increase in online sales and the consequent elimination of real stores. This is leading to the diversification and digitization of advertising content. In order to respond to these changes, we believe it is time for our young employees to demonstrate their abilities.

In order to strengthen the delivery of information using digital contents and to respond to the diversification of display formats, we will incorporate LED visions and digital signage as commercial products and propose video advertising boards as signage items. As an approach to environmental issues, we are currently developing solar signs that generate solar power.

We are planning to appeal to companies that promote and introduce the SDGs in a way that adds utility as a product that contributes to the environment. In this way, we aim to become a company that can contribute to the sustainable growth of society through signage.

We believe that this is the way to achieve JAC Screen’s philosophy of “Together, Creating, Future”, and we will pass it on to the next generation.

Representative Director Kazuo Imaoka


  • Corporate Name

    JAC SCREEN Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    1-4-40 Atobe Hommachi,Yao-shi, Osaka-fu 581-0064

  • Established

    October 1995

  • Business Description

    Outdoor advertising business: Signage planning, design, and production/construction for commercial facilities and large-scale facilities (public facilities, museums, hospitals, office buildings). Signage construction for general facilities and stores, and decoration work for event exhibitions, etc.

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Management Philosophy


Through our signage business, we will work together with our customers and partners to create a happy future and realize a fulfilling life.


We show places and attract people to them.
We play a role in social capital and contribute to the building of towns and communities.


We will always grasp the needs of our customers and develop the ability to express ideas in response to changes in the social environment.

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