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Kouyou Shokai has the following strengths centered on formwork processing technology.

  1. Formwork processing technology that can handle complex frames
    With the processing technology accumulated over 40 years since our founding, we make shapes from quadric surfaces to cubic curved surfaces.
  2. A wide variety of solutions related to formwork
    We handle everything related to formwork, such as in-house bending veneer manufacturing, steel processing, and construction work.
  3. Ability to propose plans according to the site and requests
    A person in charge who is familiar with formwork construction will propose a construction plan such as allocation plan, compaction, and strength calculation.
  4. Challenge spirit for expanding business domain
    In addition to existing businesses, we are actively working on the development of new products and construction methods.
    Our own product, “Transparent Formwork Clear Foam,” makes the inside of the formwork visible and contributes to improving the quality of construction work.
    We will continue to work on the development of products and construction methods that lead to higher quality, labor saving, and shorter delivery times at the site.



I still remember the sight of the pier construction site that I visited for the first time after joining the company. When I saw the company’s formwork and support materials assembled in the sky several tens of meters above the huge site, I felt it was “cool”. The senior who accompanied me said, “There is no other company that can do this much processing in-house.” I believe that the pride of each person in their work is the property of Kouyou Shokai. Our history has been a series of challenges since our founding. Bending veneer manufacturing, challenge to steel processing, in-house product development, and establishment of construction department. While all of them are risky if you think in common sense, and there is no guarantee that they will succeed, we have been working toward customer convenience and expanding our business domain. Based on this challenging spirit that can be said to be our DNA, we will continue to increase what we can do and move toward growth. Every time a building is built, there is someone’s desire to build it. Under such circumstances, we are involved in the base concrete formwork. Although it is only a part of the whole, we are aiming for a system where all employees can unite as a company so that we can firmly connect the batons passed from the building owners and give shape to their thoughts. That is the mission we have been given, and we will continue to move forward.

Kouyou Shokai Co., Ltd.
Managing Director Kohei Yamakawa


  • Corporate Name

    Kouyou Shokai Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    2-8-40 Kishinookacho, Kishiwadashi, Osaka-fu 596-0817

  • Established

    March 1st 1987

  • Business Description

    Construction / civil engineering formwork and support steel

  • ・Shaft sink formwork and unit materials
  • ・Bent steel pipe
  • ・Angle band
  • ・Formwork and truss for piers
  • ・Formwork and unit materials for Wagen
  • ・BOX Culvert formwork
  • ・Tunnel formwork
  • ・Transparent formwork clear foam (formerly Mierre foam)


Management Philosophy

1.  With the technology we have cultivated through formwork processing, we will give shape to our thoughts and realize a diverse and prosperous world.

1.  We are pleased with each other’s growth and challenge our dreams with ingenuity and creation of new value.

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