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With 70 years of experience and a network of more than 80 companies, we are able to propose the best process to meet our customers’ needs.
We can handle not only prototype processing but also small-lot production.
We can process any material, including iron, stainless steel, aluminum, casting, and resin.
We can provide total support from the arrangement of primary processing materials such as forging and casting to heat treatment, surface treatment, polishing, and assembly.



Through the processing of metal and non-ferrous metal parts, we will not only meet the diversifying needs of our customers, but also aim to be a “proposal-oriented company” that offers a total solution, from the most suitable materials to processing technology and assembly, to meet the next level of customer demand in order to gain even more trust.

The foundation for this aim is the ability of each and every one of our employees, who directly communicate with our customers, to always think and act in a way that contributes to our customers, society, and the earth.

Our goal is to be a “human enterprise” that strives to raise the awareness of employees who can consider and practice these natural things as a matter of course. In our future business development, we will expand our perspective to the global scale and strive for corporate management that is trusted by the market while utilizing our network and flexibility.

Kinki Kogyo Inc.
Representative Director Soichi Tanaka


  • Corporate Name

    Kinki Kogyo Inc.

  • Address

    2-1-25 Honjo,
    Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka-fu 578-0953

  • Established

    June 1951

  • Business Description

    Hydraulic cylinder parts (cylinders, cylinder tubes, cylinder rods) Industrial equipment parts (pulleys, gears, rack cutters)

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Company Motto

A company is people, and people are harmony.

Since our founding, our foundation has been to respect and trust people, and to develop together with our employees.

Management Philosophy

1 “Putting customer satisfaction first, we aim to be a proposal-oriented company trusted by our customers.” We will not only satisfy our customers’ requests, but will also make various proposals from the standpoint of our customers.

2 “We aim to be a speedy company that values networks and communication.” We will use our network capabilities to solve problems that cannot be done by just one person or one company. In order to accurately “understand and communicate,” we will respond quickly with the power of human conversation.

3 “Respecting responsibility, authority and equality, we aim to realize the dreams of each individual.” We will do our best to create a sustainable and prosperous society by bringing out the individuality of each person and connecting them with each other.

4 “We aim to be an environmentally friendly company with the awareness of a global citizen.” To be a company that is loved and recognized by the community, we will proactively engage in environmental issues.

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