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We have been engaged in precision cutting for 72 years since our establishment. We have been boldly taking on the challenges of our customers’ requests and improving our precision cutting technology. In addition, we have been training Vietnamese human resources since 2003, and established a subsidiary in Vietnam in 2017. The Vietnamese engineers trained by our company are now able to perform precision machining at our subsidiary, and we have a system in place to procure high-difficulty products from Vietnam, which has strengthened our price competitiveness.

In recent years, we have been manufacturing and selling “Senjo Komachi,” a small parts washing machine that was born from our internal improvement activities. This product is the smallest in the industry in terms of parts washing size and is designed with a two-chamber structure, which allows it to demonstrate excellent washing and drying capabilities. In addition, since we manufacture this product in-house, we are able to customize it to meet the needs of our customers, which is one of our strengths.



Since our founding, we have been improving our precision cutting technology in order to meet the needs of our customers. Today, we provide parts with high precision and high difficulty to customers in about 20 industries, including manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive parts, medical equipment, and industrial robots. We have established a system of day and night shifts so that we can respond to our customers’ express requests. Vietnamese employees trained by our company are responding to customer requests in Vietnam with the same technology as in Japan, and we have been able to strengthen our price competitiveness.

Today, I would like to show you our technology, quality assurance, facilities, and excellent engineers.

We also manufacture and sell the “Senjo Komachi,” a small parts washing machine that was born from our internal improvement activities. The size of this machine is one of the smallest in the industry in order to save space in the customer’s production line, and it is designed so that washing and drying can be done in a two-chamber structure, which results in specifications that satisfy both washing and drying performance. In addition, we are good at customizing our products because they are manufactured with in-house improvements, and we have the advantage of being able to respond to the needs of each customer. Recently, we made our debut on YOUTUBE in order to let more people know about the appeal of our Senjo Komachi. It is Senjo Komachi TV. In order to bring relief, trust, and laughter to our customers, they devote themselves every day and do their best to tackle our customers’ issues.

Today, I would like to show you our Senjo Komachi, the workroom of the Washing Machine Division, which was prepared for the first time after our washing machine started selling, and our YouTuber.

Nakano Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
President & Representative Director Daisuke Nishijima


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    Nakano Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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    21-26 Shimmachi,
    Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka-fu 579-8037

  • Established

    April 1957 (Founded: August 1949)

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    Manufacture and assembly of parts for hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, semiconductor-related equipment, industrial robots, automotive drive train equipment, marine reduction gears, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, labor-saving equipment, printing machinery, measuring equipment, medical equipment, and nuclear power-related equipment.

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Mission statement

We will be a top-class company through human development.

Based on the belief that the most valuable asset of company is the people, we support each employee to realize his/her own life plan and feel richness. In order to improve the personality each other, we establish the corporate culture where people set a goal worthy of their own, work hard together, foster mutual respect and trust, and learn and grow together. Also, we challenge to the unknown field and create a new value and Nakano’s culture.

We will be a top-class company through manufacturing.

We keep trying to improve our technological skills and provide the society with valuable products for contributing to people’s well-being. Moreover, we develop a resilient organization always pursuing the innovative R&D capabilities and executive capability.

We will be a top-class company through company development.

We consider the customer’s voice as a direct evaluation on our performance. Aiming to continuously achieve the highest customer satisfaction, we use our well-balanced management resources and a wide variety of information together to create a growing and developing organization.

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